Searching for a leading producer of plastic packaging? Here are 10 reasons to choose Siva Group to package your products:

  1. Siva Group produce plastic packaging using a variety of techniques, including blown film extrusion, flexographic printing, adhesive lamination and bag converting.

  2. We are family-run firm that pride ourselves on our values.

  3. Siva Group use the latest technology to produce packaging efficiently and cost-effectively, including the use of the most innovative printing presses.

  4. We can provide plastic packaging for both food and non-food items, including frozen items.

  5. With our sustainability programme, we’re dedicated to creating a circular economy that reduces the amount of plastic waste.

  6. We use four state-of-the-art production processes to produce the finest quality packaging.

  7. With our high-grade films, you can easily achieve better results, with packaging that reflects the quality of your products.

  8. Our clients rate us highly for delivering on-time and on-budget.

  9. We set the highest quality standards for all our packaging and customer service.

  10. Our workforce is professional and dedicated to meeting your needs- all our staff are 100% committed to our business, highly qualified and trained. We believe people are always the real key to success.

Discover more reasons to choose Siva Group for your plastic packaging.