Are you searching for an industry-leading supplier of packaging?

Established in 1979, Siva Group have been producing flexible polyethylene packaging for a wide range of industries for over 35 years. Now one of Europe’s most respected manufacturers, we are committed to using the most innovative technology to produce the finest quality packaging to meet your needs.

We use a variety of methods to produce our flexible packaging, including:

·      Blown film extrusion. This technique is ideal for everything from food and drinks to horticultural products. All our blown films perform brilliantly and will fully protect your product both during display and delivery.

·      Flexographic printing. This type of packaging is ideal when you need a colourful print finish and is designed to suit the rigours of any packaging application.

·      Adhesive Lamination. Great for industrial commodities, there are many options available for this type of packaging, including a high gloss/low haze. Extremely versatile, adhesive lamination can provide much higher packaging speeds.

Whatever the type of products you specialise in, Siva Group can customise our packaging to meet your company’s unique needs. With offices based in both the UK and Ireland, we are ideal for companies all over Great Britain and beyond.

Our company are committed to sustainable and ethical business practices to help create a greener planet.

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