It’s easy to forget how much food requires freezing, and how much we take for granted the packaging that encompasses it. Popularly used for chips, vegetables and more, polythene packaging from our team instantly provides your product with quality and a good-looking finish.

At the Siva Group, our range of frozen food packaging is the ideal solution to all your frozen food concerns. If you’re looking to move into the frozen food business or you’re currently using a different method, we can tell you how our packaging is superior.

You will notice the difference in your packaging as soon as you set your eyes on it. You’ll have your branding emblazoned clearly on the front and back as well as knowing your products will be protected from packaging to sale.

Here’s three quick reasons our frozen food packaging can make the difference for you:

·       Increase your productivity with our faster packing speeds and improved cost-effectiveness.

·       The high-gloss finish of our products and the combination of reduced haze makes your branding clearer for the customer.

·       Reliable performance is ensured by the high dart impact wide seal window our packaging offers.

The options available to you when you start your journey with our team at the Siva Group is unparalleled across the industry. To find out more about our products and how they can influence your processes, speak to us today.