Whether you specialise in potatoes, cheese, meat, or veg, it’s vital to invest in food packaging which is reliable and protects the food. Keeping food safe and fresh ensures that it stays in the best possible condition, giving you the best produce for your customers. If you’re looking to invest in food packaging, look no further than Siva Group.

If you produce foods which go out to various chains, it’s vital that the packaging is right for the product. Everything from the handling equipment and levels of protection, all the way to the branding counts, so it’s vital to get it right. 

Here at Siva Group, we offer a wide range of food packaging solutions. Whether you produce frozen food, fresh food, soft drinks, or alcohol, we are here to help. We offer higher packing speeds, better seal integrity, reliable performance, and specialise in offering environmentally friendly solutions.

We are a family run business who have been operating since 1979, and are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve packaging and processes. What’s more, we have a strong and dedicated team on hand who are passionate about performance, we always take pride in what we do.

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