Are you a producer of frozen foods? Perhaps you’re in the business of fresh fruit and veg? If so, you’ll understand just how vital packaging is to ensure that not only do your goods arrive safely, but are also free from any outside harm. For a food packaging manufacturer who you can trust in, look to Siva Group today.

By keeping food safe, fresh and palatable our packaging ensures that it stays in the best possible condition. It’s important that such products are protected from contamination by dirt, micro-organisms, parasites, toxic substances and loss of moisture. This is especially important for products such as fresh meat, which must have suitably protective packaging.

Here at Siva Group, we’re passionate about providing a wide range of food packaging solutions. Whether you specialise in cheese, potatoes, veg, or meat, it’s important to invest in food packaging which protects the food, is reliable and cost effective. We offer better seal integrity, higher packing speeds, reliable performance, and specialise in offering environmentally friendly solutions.

To get on board with us, check out our website for more information, or get in touch on 023 8044 8838 to discuss your requirements. 

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