Do you specialise in frozen food and would like to improve the quality of your packaging in 2019?

Siva Group understand that when it comes to packaging, everything from safety and handling quality to protection of the print finish and branding is highly important. We understand that all these factors have an effect on your supply chain processes.

We can ensure that your packaging is first-class and protects your product at all stages of its journey.

We can offer the finest quality frozen food packaging, whether you specialise in frozen vegetables, meat, chips or veggie mince.

Siva Group offer versatile formulations for all frozen food applications and our packaging offers many great benefits, including higher packaging speeds, better seal integrity, perfect real geometry and the option for the inclusion of post consumer waste.

Highly experienced, Siva Group produce packaging for both food and non-food applications. Highly dependable, we can meet the complex needs of every food and drink product.

Established in 1979, we’ve now been working in this industry for 40 years and are a solid family business that always invest in the latest technology. Employing the most inspired people in the industry, you can rely on us to consistently deliver the products you need.

Why not find out more about our frozen food packaging today?

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