Packaging should not only look good but protect food against physical, chemical, biological and environmental factors. All consumers want to purchase products which are well-packaged and sealed.

By far the best way to keep food fresh is using packaging; nowadays, however, it is also an important way to market a product.

Established in 1979, Siva Group is a major producer of flexible polyethylene packaging. We only ever provide packaging of optimal quality, including those for food companies.

Siva Group’s choice of food packaging includes shrink film, deep freeze films, tissue packaging, and produce films. We also have packaging for liquid goods which is robust enough to keep content safe.

Our packaging is designed to withstand the rigours of a packaging line, transportation and storage.

When it comes to shrink packaging, we can ensure it stands out from the competition. Our print solutions are available in a number of print configurations, designed to meet exacting demands of a wide range of applications.

Whether your food is sold locally or will travel long distances, Siva Group can make sure it arrives in good condition.

Discover more about our food packaging today.