If you run a company in which you supply horticulture products, it’s wise to invest in a packaging solution which protects the products from the elements. Not only should the packaging promote your product in an effective way, but it should also prevent the product from being damaged from transportation and the weather. For horticulture packaging manufacturers who you can trust, look to Siva Group today.

Horticultural products are naturally going to be subjected to harsh weather environments. From being transported on the back of a truck, to being sat outside in garden centres. What’s important is to keep your product safe and secure, all the while ensuring that your product is being promoted correctly.

Here at Siva Group, our horticulture packaging is like nothing else out there on the market. Not only is the packaging high gloss, but it’s designed for external storage and has better seal integrity and reduced sealing time. What’s more, our packaging is incredibly reliable, offers scratch resistant ink and we can even offer environmentally friendly options.

To see how we can help you secure the safe packaging of your horticulture products, visit our website today or get in touch on 023 8044 8838.