Want to have the world carrying your brand in style?

Siva Group enable you to order printed polythene bags for highly competitive prices along with a wide range of other packaging.

Our flexible polyethene packaging is used by many leading companies and can make a genuine difference to your success.

Although perceived as not the most environmentally-friendly option responsible choices in format and raw materials can reduce your carbo footprint and help remove post-consumer plastic waste from our environment.

Printed polythene bags are likely to re-used more than paper, and they remain the most popular choice for most retailers. This is because they are waterproof, resistant to chemicals, strong, and come in various different densities; they are also less permeable than paper bags. So, whether you sell food or jewellery, it’s less likely to be damaged on the way home.

Why choose Siva Group as your bag manufacturer?

When you choose our plastic packaging, we’ll ensure it’s as environmentally-friendly as possible. We’re committed to sustainability and ethical business practices at all times. Our high standards. Siva Group are also continually investing in the latest plant and production processes, to make the producing products as efficient as possible.

If you need a bag manufacturer, why not discover more about Siva Group today?