More than any other product, food needs to be packaged properly to keep it fresh and hygienic.

Siva Group is ideal for companies that need quality food packaging that will keep any type of food in good condition- both during delivery and once in-store.

We are a respected European premium-tier producer and leading manufacturer of flexible polyethylene based packaging.

Whether you specialise in selling fresh meat, cheese or cereals, we’ll ensure your food packaging looks great and feels completely secure, reflecting the reputation of your unique brand. We promise the most reliable, high-performance packaging for all food applications, including frozen food, fresh food and soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and milk.

Siva Group not only specialise in packaging for food but many other items, including tissue and towel products.

With our constant investment in revolutionary plant and production processes, you can benefit from packaging produced using the latest technology. We work hard to combat plastic pollution by committing to a circular economy, which reduces the use of fossil fuels.

Choose our packaging and you’ll benefit from excellent mechanical properties, higher packing speeds, tight control over thickness and much more. We also offer excellent environmental options, with our company dedicated to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Why not find out more about our packaging for food today?