Siva Group have a brilliant portfolio of packaging films, including those suitable for non-food applications such as horticultural products.

Our blown films and flexographic printed packaging will protect your horticultural products beautifully.

Horticultural packaging needs to be super-strong, weatherproof and puncture-resistant: after all, you want it to be capable of withstanding the harshest weathers without losing optic quality or print finish.

Siva Group regularly provide quality horticultural packaging with superb reel geometry and assured seal integrity. Our packaging is guaranteed to protect horticultural products against the elements, making it ideal for outdoor use.  Our packaging can spend all day in the rain or sun without looking damaged.

Reliable performance and register-assured stability.

Whether you need to package compost, bark products or soil, our packaging will protect it at every stage of its journey.

Our horticultural packaging has excellent mechanical properties and can include scratch and scuff resistant inks, high gloss surfaces, tight control over thickness and environmental options available.

For more information on our horticultural packaging, simply get in touch today. Our team are always happy to offer any more information you need.

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