Whatever type of packaging you require, you want its quality to be consistent, no matter the conditions. 

Siva Group offer many styles of packaging films which include shrink wrap, deep freeze films, tissue packaging, horticultural packaging, produce films and mailing bags. We can help companies to protect and display all kinds of products, whether it’s multiple plastic bottles or King Edward potatoes.

Our shrink wrap packaging is ideal when you need a tight and secure fit. It is ideal for multipacks whether of bottles or cans. Wrinkle-free, robust and durable, we offer various technical options for this type of packaging.

Whether your company specialises in drinks, non-food or chemicals, our shrink wrap packaging could be the ideal solution.

Siva Group’s high performance shrink wrap has print finishes that can withstand even the harshest conditions. With their anti-rubbing, UV resistant qualities, they look amazing from the packing line to the shelf. We offer the option of either co-ex films or mono layer films.

With offices and manufacturing in the UK, Siva Group love working with a wide range of clients all over the world. We can help you build a business that’s innovative and forward-thinking. A family-run company, our team pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity at all stages of the process.

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