Siva Group are renowned plastic packaging manufacturers for a wide variety of industries including food and drink.  

We know all too well the impact our industry can have on the environment, and this is why we take our responsibility to protect it seriously, aiming to reduce any effect to an absolute minimum.

Not only do we recycle, but we also use regenerative thermal oxidiser technology to minimise the impact of our emissions and we work closely with the carbon trust fund to develop ways of reducing our carbon footprint.  

Siva Group specifically recruits people with experience and knowledge and heavily invest in keeping their skills maintained and relevant – the end result of this is a level of quality unrivalled by any of our competitors. 

For us, quality goes well beyond trading standards and boxes ticked,  it means knowing what’s important to every single one of our customers and delivering it – reliably, consistently and always without compromise. 

If you are looking for professional and high quality plastic packaging manufacturers, talk to Siva group today. Fill in the form on site, email us on or call our UK office directly on 02380448838.