When producing a product which requires the use of shrink film, you will have two main concerns. Firstly, does the shrink film advertise the product in the best way? Secondly, does the shrink film protect the product in the right way? For a printed shrink film manufacturer you can trust in, look no further than Siva Group.

Advertising a product, as well as protecting it from harsh environments, can be a hard task. The film should be able to advertise the product well, selling it’s USP, whilst ensuring its safety throughout transportation and when it’s on the shelf. Whether you sell bottled water, food products, chemical products or anything else wrapped in shrink film we are here to tailor a solution to your needs.

Here at Siva Group, our print solutions are available in numerous print configurations, and are durable and weatherable.  We can also laminate for added protection where required.  We understand the high-standards that come with any manufacturing process, and are always looking for new and innovative ways to package products.

When you come on board with us, you will be supported by a fantastic team who are passionate about finding solutions. With over 35 years in the industry, we’re always on hand to offer any advice, and we aren’t happy with the packaging until you are completely satisfied.

To see how we can help you, visit our website today or get in touch on 023 8044 8838.