Packaging is highly important for keeping food fresh and well-preserved whether it’s sold straight away or needs to be shipped abroad.

The packaging of fresh and processed meat is particularly important as it keeps it hygienic, preventing contamination by dirt, germs, micro-organisms, parasites, toxic substances or moisture.

Whether you sell mini cupcakes, cured bacon, bags of nuts or steaks, Siva Group can help with all your packaging needs. We are one of the Europe’s leading producers of flexible polyethene packaging and are defined by our industry-leading products.

Siva Group have a very diverse client base that includes food companies all over the world.

We deliver high quality food packaging with a difference, using the latest technologies to benefit your business with packaging solutions based on four state-of-the-art production processes.

Our high-grade films are designed to produce better results and give your customers more confidence in your brand.

It’s our aim to make a genuine difference to your operations, helping you get ahead in a competitive world.

If you work in the food industry, why not find out how Siva can help your business?

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