Do you want reliable performance for your frozen food packaging? This type of packaging needs to be particularly tough and able to withstand plenty of wear-and-tear.

Siva Group regularly provide clients with films to protect frozen food, including those specialising in chips, vegetable and fish. Our packaging has excellent mechanical properties, higher packing speeds, better seal integrity and tight control over thickness.

We have versatile formulations for every frozen food application and offer many great benefits to keep your products safe and secure. Designed to meet the complex needs of all food and drink products, our packaging is all-embracing and reliable.

Siva Group pride ourselves on everything from the safety and handling quality to print finish and branding being first-class. We also provide food packaging for fresh products which is equally dependable, along with packaging for non-food.

We always provide packaging that inspires the confidence of your customers and reflects the professionalism of your brand. Our team offer a highly efficient service that will surpass all your expectations.

 If you need the finest packaging for frozen food, simply get in touch today.

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