We value engineer every product we deliver, so you only ever pay for exactly what you receive and everything you receive is always of the best value, with no compromise on quality - ever.

The only way for us to achieve this economy is to deliver the minimum film thickness for the job and to keep costs competitive by charging by the metre rather than by weight. Then we go a step further and work with you to optimise value and minimise waste – and that’s good for the environment as well as being great for business.



We question continually and evaluate meticulously

What needs to be done?
How are we doing things now?
What are the alternatives and how can they be measured?
Which ideas are the best and how do we implement them?

The process of evaluating value engineering is unrelenting, but it works for you, us -and the environment.



There’s an art to value engineering – this is ours:

  • We’re constantly improving the value of our products by evaluating our manufacturing processes
  • We use our expertise and laboratory services to engineer solutions that deliver what our customers need using the minimum film thickness
  • We produce high quality products at the lowest cost, which enables us to share these benefits with our customers over time
  • We reduce our impact on the environment
  • We don’t use product tolerances to our commercial advantage - our approach is to charge by the metre rather than weight, so we can focus on the right product spec and delivery
  • We engineer our processes to meet your business and process needs, which means we can be more commercially flexible than companies who take a one-size-fits-all approach