Specialist adhesive laminates for eye-catching packaging and performance

Siva’s specialist laminates are expertly configured to perform to perfection. Our customers are using them for an array of applications from food to hygiene products, horticultural goods to industrial commodities.


500m Per Minute

500m Per Minute

Up To 1450mm Width

Up To 1450mm Width

Eco-friendly Solvent-less

Eco-friendly Solvent-less

Our laminating processes are renowned for their unbeatable functionality and runability on a wide range of form-fill and seal-converting equipment and semi-automatic bag-filling machinery. We operate at an outstanding capacity of 500 metres per minute with a maximum width of 1450mm using a lamination process that’s environmentally friendly with no VOC emissions released at any stage.

Every lamination solution is customised to suit the application and environment so our customers benefit from options like barrier materials that promise a reliable moisture and aroma barrier. We also offer high impact optics that support corporate branding and surface and a print finish that’s available in a choice of stunning designs and effects.

Every laminated film is value engineered to meet sustainability and environmental targets and delivers these great options and benefits:

  • versatile formulations for different applications
  • scratch/scuff-resistant ink options available
  • tailored to suit external storage and variety of environmental conditions
  • high gloss, low haze
  • higher packing speeds
  • reliable performance
  • register-assured stability
  • high seal integrity and reduced sealing time
  • low seal initiation temperature
  • excellent mechanical properties

Siva’s adhesive laminates are designed to suit our clients’ demanding applications.

Customised printed laminates that deliver real value and benefits

Siva laminates are customised to suit specific packaging applications and manufactured in a range of configurations using the following substrates. Each one ensures every finish remains durable and performs to our customers’ discriminating standards, regardless of environmental or production conditions.

  • BOPP [Biaxially Oriented Poly Propylene]
  • Paper
  • PE [Poly Ethylene]
  • PET [Polyester]
  • PVC [Poly Vinyl Chloride]


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Packaging Films

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