Ours is an industry that has an inevitable impact on our environment, but we take our responsibility to protect it seriously so we can reduce any effect to an absolute minimum. For example, we don’t just recycle our materials – we promote and educate the importance of recycling to our people and partners so we’re all proactive about it. We also use Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser technology to minimise the impact of our emissions and we work closely with the Carbon Trust Fund to develop ways of reducing our carbon footprint.

Our aims are clear and we all know we can only achieve the environmental objectives we set ourselves by adhering to the highest standards of performance in every area that has an environmental impact:

  • We consider the environmental considerations from the very beginning of our development activities

  • We always work hard to improve the efficiency of our processing equipment

  • We try to reduce the consumption of material in all operations, to re-use rather than discard whenever practicable and to promote recycling wherever possible

  • We talk to our employees about environmental issues and encourage them to act in an environmentally responsible way instinctively

Siva is a family business – and that’s why we care so much that future families have a world worth inheriting.




To help combat the fight against plastic pollution, SIVA Group are committed to a circular economy.

We use Circular Compounds – resins that are produced with up to 50% post-consumer waste and are food contact approved.

Not only will this reduce our consumption of fossil fuels (used to produce virgin grade PE), it will also reduce the amount of plastic packaging in landfill and polluting the environment.

Instead of using and disposing packaging, a circular economy would see us keep resources in use for as long as possible by recovery, recycling and reuse.




  • We recycle all waste products in our business

  • We promote the use of recycled material wherever possible

  • We use Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer technology to minimise the environmental impact of volatile emissions from our print manufacturing processes

  • We work with the Carbon Trust to develop ways of minimising our carbon footprint

  • We reduce voltage spikes in our electricity supply, which saves unnecessary carbon dioxide generation

  • We make degradable and compostable options available across our product range

  • We offer water-based WETFLEX technology

Our Sustainable Solutions


With this ever-increasing focus on recycling, Siva and our partners are able to offer a range of sustainable packaging solutions that are tailored specifically to your requirements and pack formats.

Renewable packaging: It’s easy to dismiss complicated laminated structures as being ‘eco-nightmares’, but we can limit the impact of these films on our environment by using renewable films as part of the structure. Contact us and we’ll be pleased to talk through the options available.

Degradable packaging: We have a range of films manufactured from renewable resins that are fully compostable and degradable after they’ve been disposed of in landfill. Again, talk to us about how these films can help you support your own sustainability vision

Post Consumer Waste: We have developed a range of films using resin that contains up to 50% PCW. These resins are approved for food contact and have the same mechanical properties as virgin grade PE. Best of all, by using Circular Compound resins we are helping to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.

OUR Responsibility

OUR Responsibility

Being responsible isn’t just a thought – it’s a way of life at Siva. We’re doing our best to protect our environment with a particular focus on the following:

The thickness reduction of our films: Our value-engineered ultra light films not only reduce your spend on packaging but, more importantly, the weight of packaging consumed. 

Our RTO plant: The solvents used in our print process are removed, without residue, into the environment through our regenerative thermal oxidising plant and the heat generated in this process can then be reused in our plant and other processes. 

Solvent recovery: Solvents are an integral component in our print process. Hundreds of litres of solvent pass through our presses every day. Once contaminated with inks, they must be responsibly disposed of – however, thanks to our recovery equipment, we can re-use over 50% of these solvents over and over again.