A blown film portfolio for a full spectrum of packaging and product applications

Our blown film portfolio serves as rich and diverse a client base as the applications they’re formulated to suit. We’re packaging, labelling and protecting everything from food and drink to horticultural and paper products with films that perform brilliantly.


15 Blown Film Lines

15 Blown Film Lines

5 Layer Co-Ex

5 Layer Co-Ex

Fully Recyclable

Fully Recyclable

We’ve invested in the industry’s most sophisticated plant, production and automation technologies and we control and manage them all meticulously. Our powerful film lines are transforming high quality resins into films with tailored formulations that suit our customers’ production processes perfectly. All this happens in a state-of-the-art extrusion hall that produces films up to 3100mm wide and 200 microns thick and affords us the remarkable capacity our customers value.

And, in line with our commitment to the environment, all our films are fully recyclable and all manufacturing waste recycled and reprocessed in house. We also offer degradable and compostable options across our entire film range.

Those are just some of the reasons why organisations around the world rely on Siva’s films for printing, converting into bags, adhesive coating for labels or the surface protection of an infinite range of products. It’s a fact - Siva’s polyethylene films and processes offer real benefits that make the winning difference to our customers:

  • versatile formulations for different applications
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • reliable performance
  • high packing speeds
  • register-assured stability
  • better seal integrity and reduced sealing time
  • tight control of thickness
  • gel and nib control
  • modern winding stations to ensure consistent web tension and perfect reel geometry

Siva creates films that mean better business.

Tailored configurations to suit every application

Every film we produce is tailored precisely to suit the application and always to the exacting standards our customers rely on us to maintain. Choices include co-ex and mono layer films, matt or smooth finishes, environmental options and technical formulations to ensure every product we supply performs exactly as it should.



Technical Films

Packaging Films

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