Siva people have passion, commitment and experience that speaks volumes about us. We all share the same dedication and drive to ensure we deliver the right product, on time, every time. When you call us, you can always expect a knowledgeable, friendly response and know that we’ll manage any urgent demands or specialist requests with clarity and confidence.

We recruit people with experience and expertise and we invest heavily in keeping their skills maintained and relevant. We make sure they understand how they fit into the business and how their contribution affects the seamless delivery of products to our customers. And of course, every member of our executive team has first-hand experience of delivering world-class products and services and builds their teams around the skills and expertise that matter.


Technological Expertise


It goes without saying that the technical performance of our films is critical to packers and consumers. We’re continually investing and updating our assets and production processes to take account of new standards of quality. We also keep an eye on industry developments so we can progress the films market further than this dynamic sector ever thought possible. 

Perfect Control


The application of closed loop Statistical Process Control (SPC) technology gives us the tightest control over the countless operating variables in film production. For our customers, this means we can fulfill every demand and redefine every operational standard. Ultimately, we can supply a consistent, completely controlled and technically superior product, every time.



Our programme of investment in our people, research and development, production processes and surrounding infrastructure is a perpetual cycle. This investment represents our commitment to the highest level of expertise across our operations. And this is the approach that keeps us in the enviable position as one of Europe’s leading film producers.